Our Club:

One of the most successful aspects of our club is our unique system of  management.  We have enjoyed
over 3 decades of club activities and growth that we attribute to the this management secret.  We do not
have a club president, vice president and such,  Instead, we simply have five club members that make up
the Board of Directors.  These five members have equal authority and responsibility for the running and
operation of our club. The monthly meeting are hosted by one board member on a rotating basis.   

Each September we hold general elections, the members vote on their choice of three, with the top five
winning the Board seats.   We do have an elected treasurer, that is not a board member, to present monthly
treasury reports to the membership.

This system has lead to organized meetings, with all members having  input at the monthly meeting. The
membership is open to families, and many wives find enjoyment serving on the Board of Directors too.  We
invite you to join us for one of our monthly meeting, and perhaps you will want to become a member.

Our meetings are open to visitors.


Residents membership:
•         Prospective members must own a pre 1973 rod or custom car or truck or have
such a vehicle under construction.

•         You need to attend two meetings and two club functions.  After you have meet
these two requirements the club members will vote on your acceptance.

•          Membership will become active upon the receipt of dues, which are currently
at $20.00 per year, payable in April.

         The purpose of these requirements are to give us an opportunity to get
acquainted with you, and more importantly, you with us.

on-Resident Membership:
•         Prospective members must meet the vehicle requirements as above, but the
meeting and club functions are waived.
•         Annual $20.00 dues are payable in April.  

For Resident or Non-Resident enjoying Hot Rodding is
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